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So Many Satellites!

What is a satellite? What do they do? And why are there so many of them? Join us to explore the many

So Many Satellites!2023-12-01T09:29:13+10:30

Solar System Explorers

Explore our Solar System, investigate what makes each planet unique, and find out why human-like life doesn’t thrive on planets other than

Solar System Explorers2023-12-01T09:28:46+10:30

What Is: Defence Space Command

What is the Australian Defence Force doing in space? Join Major Tom Bittner from Defence Space Command to learn about the internationally

What Is: Defence Space Command2023-12-01T09:28:16+10:30

What Is: Space Weather

Join Dr Tom Grace, a Bureau of Meteorology Space Weather Forecaster, to discover what drives space weather, why it matters to us

What Is: Space Weather2023-12-01T09:27:45+10:30

Operation: Plants In Space

Plants are an important part of any human space habitat. They give us food, and they make us feel good. But what

Operation: Plants In Space2023-12-01T09:26:42+10:30

I Wonder…

A brand new science musical is coming to Adelaide!! 🥳👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 Join Phoebe and her Uncle Linus in this action-packed show that blends

I Wonder…2024-06-12T11:28:51+09:30

Cosmos Science City: Meet the Teacher

Each month, Cosmos Science City brings together Adelaide’s brightest academics and scientists to hold conversations with a live audience about issues of the

Cosmos Science City: Meet the Teacher2023-10-16T10:33:55+10:30

AIP/IPAS Physics Industry Night

The SA Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) and the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) invite you to

AIP/IPAS Physics Industry Night2023-09-25T09:17:20+09:30
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