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a cartoon style drawing of a view of two mountains either side of a river. On the left there is a castle and a small village on the right there is a forest On top of the illustration there is a photo of tall white man and young girl with blond hair with cardboard boxes stacked to look like a car, in front of the car there is a teddy bear. 12-18 July, the Flying Elephant company, Silly Science with Simon and Norwood Concert Hall. A brand new science musical is coming to Adelaide!! 🥳👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

Join Phoebe and her Uncle Linus in this action-packed show that blends spectacular science with magnificent music… and a heap of fun!

Premiering to the public in the July 2024 School Holidays, I Wonder is an original musical written by Benji Riggs and Simon Blacket. This heartfelt story is sure to appeal to the whole family and is suitable for kids aged 4-14.

Please tell your friends with a science lover in the family 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 We’d love to see them there 😁 Tickets on sale now!

About I Wonder

When Phoebe’s house is flooded during a storm, her parents take her to stay with her distant Uncle Linus in his rickety 200-year-old manor. With its many rooms and creaky floorboards, Phoebe just wants to be back home. That is until she discovers her uncle working away in a grand laboratory! As Uncle Linus shares some spectacular science experiments, Phoebe’s imagination takes over. Together, they weave the experiments into a magnificent story that uncovers what it means to be family. The biggest lessons to be learnt aren’t just ones of science…

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